The Beginning...


Lenora Crews, Owner Since 2011


Lenora's Healing Hands, LLC was started in 2011.  For the last 23 years, Lenora has worked as a hair stylist building a loyal clientele of clients with beautiful healthy hair,  She discovered her passion for helping others become more aware of their health and what goes into the products used on their bodies. 


Although Lenora enjoyed many years of being a Professional Hair stylist, she felt that she needed to do something else. Lenora is  now the proud owner of LENORA'S HEALING HANDS, LLC.  When Lenora first decided to start making her own products using natural oils, she prayed to God that he would show her what more she could do to be a blessing to someone else. Once she received insight from God, she started researching each ingredient that she wanted to include in her products.


Lenora discovered the healing properties of organic products and essential oils though the development of her product line "Lenora's Healing Hands, LLC.  She is very passoniate about assisting others to look and feel their best with natural hair and body products.  She pours love and attention to  careful developing and preparing the ingredients for all of her products.  Our products include only the best of essential oils and natural properties that are safe for the hair and body.  


She wants to take her products to others that want to know what they are putting on their hair and bodies and live a healthy life. After years of working on her clients's hair she lauched her product line and has not looked back. 


Lenora's product line consists of hair, bath and body products.  Her products are made with the top of the line of essential oils and other ingredients. As her business began to grow she came out with a fragrance line in 2014. The fragrance line are paraben-free.


God blessed Lenora with the best gift she could imagine -- the passion and insight to produce wonderful products and she loves... loves... loves what she does!

Lenora and products

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