Hair Products Natural

Find Natural Hair Products  & More at Lenora's Healing Hands, LLC!

Lenora's Healing Hands was founded in 2011 by a former professional hairstylist. Filled with a passion for beauty and a willingness to craft her own amazing products, Lenora would go on to craft the ultimate hair products natural moisturizer, hair oil, and restoration cream.

Lenora has always strived to create hair products natural in ingredients and easy to use. With a focus on a well-rounded hair care routine, Lenora has put together the following products for your benefit!

  • Hair Restore Cream - This restorative product helps your hair grow faster, cleaner, and with a beautiful shine.

  • Hair Moisturizer - No matter the time of the year, treat your hair right with a moisturizer that matters. This product is applied to your hair before ironing

  • Hair Oil - Made from argan oil and essential oils, Lenora's Hair Oil is an ideal daily moisturizer for silky hair.


Are you ready to tackle your hair care needs? Head to Lenora's Healing Hands to learn more!