Home Made Soaps

How Home Made Soaps & Natural Lotion Gifts Can Be Yours Today!

There has never been a better time to stock your bathroom with the beauty supplies that you need. From calming body creams to wonderful hand made soaps, you can find exactly what you are looking for when you shop at Lenora's Healing Hands!

Founded in 2011 by Lenora herself, Lenora's Healing Hands offers a catalog of products cultivated by using natural oils and essential ingredients. Carefully crafted with love and attention, Lenora's Healing Hands has the products that you need to enjoy a luxurious bathing experience.

Home Made Soaps and Natural Lotion Products

Lenora's Healing Hands focuses on rafting natural lotion and home made soaps that you can count on. With a focus on natural ingredients and essential oils, Lenora has put together products that are at once calming and rejuvenating for individuals in need. If you haven't shopped for home made soaps or natural lotion in a while, we can guide you to a few great products crafted with love by Lenora.

  1. Skin Revive Cream - Developed by the team at Healing Hands, the Skin Revive Cream is ideal for deep skin nourishment without that heavy greasy feeling. Simply apply a small amount onto your skin before softly massaging the cream therein.

  2. Coca Nella Shower Gel - As one of the best homemade soaps at Lenora's Healing Hands, you can't go wrong with the luxurious Coca-Nella Body Wash Fragrance. Available in 8oz packages, make your purchase today!

  3. Strawberry Delight Creamy Lotion - Imbued with strawberry fragrance, this creamy lotion can provide rejuvenating support with a fragrant finish. This is a deeply penetrating body lotion that you'll be excited to open and apply!


The next time you need natural lotion or homemade soaps, make sure you head to Lenora's Healing Hands. A former hairstylist with a passion for assisting others, Lenora has dedicated her time to crafting products that you can trust!