Handmade Products

Handmade Products That Provides Healthier, Vitality, and Rejuvenation!

Lenora's Healing Hands was established in 2011 by Lenora, a professional hairstylist with a passion for beauty. After spending years working in the field as a hair stylist. Lenora is now working to craft amazing beauty products brimming with natural oils and the healing properties that they offer. Some of our products also includes paraben free fragrances. If you are looking for affordable handmade products and stunning lotions, you've come to the right place!

What can Lenora's Healing Hands offer you?

Products You Can Trust!

Whether you have naturally dry skin or are simply stocking up for the coming winter, having amazing handmade products nearby can provide a wealth of benefits. Taking care of our hair and skin is the utmost importance to prevent potential damage or discomfort.

To keep your hair and skin looking great, consider some of the following handmade products developed by Lenora's Healing Hands, LLC!

  1. Hair Restore Cream - Renews, revives and restores the scalp from any buildup, so that the scalp can breathe and hair grows healthier. The all natural oils restores a beautiful shine and gives your hair life again.

  2. Man Time Lotion - If you are looking for an enduring lotion that will protect you from the elements, don't look past the Man Time Creamy Lotion. Developed with natural butter and essential oils, the Man Time Lotion is great at penetrating your skin, providing a healthy glow, and doing it all without a greasy finish.

  3. Strawberry Delight Creamy Lotion - Finally, let's look at the Strawberry Delight Creamy Lotion. Natural butter and oils combine for a delightful lotion that smells as great as it moisturizes!


If you are ready to start your journey to having healthy hair and skin, shop at Lenora's Healing Hands, LLC!