Natural Shower Gels

Shop at Lenora's Healing Hands For Natural Shower Gels and Natural Soaps!

There are few better ways to treat yourself than by purchasing natural soaps and natural shower gels from a qualified team of professionals. Lenora founded Lenora's Healing Hands in 2011 in order to offer her clients access to the best natural soaps, body scrubs, and haircare around.

After discovering the healing properties that are provided through essential oils and organic products, Lenora would decide to build a line of better beauty products under Lenora's Healing Hands branch. Now with a full catalog of quality soaps and shower gels, you are only a click away from getting the beauty products that you are looking for.

If you are shopping for natural soaps and natural shower gels, let's highlight a few of our favorite options available at Lenora's Healing Hands!

  1. Strawberry Body Wash - Let's start our shopping journey by picking up one of the top natural soaps made by Lenora and her team. The Strawberry Body Wash offers a heaping dose of strawberry fragrance to leave you happy with every level of your body wash. Moisturization, rejuvenation, and great fragrance in a single bottle!

  2. Jolly Body Wash - Shower gels should come in varieties fit for everyone. If you want something a little more unique, the Jolly Body Wash is a great choice. This stunning shower gel will leave you rejuvenated by the blend of natural and beneficial oils and ingredients.

  3. Man Time Body Wash - For the man that wants to be clean and smelling great, Man Time Body Wash and Shower Gel is the perfect purchase. This boutique handmade body wash is ideal due to its low price point and large quantity, all with great fragrance underscoring everything.


Lenora's Healing Hands offers affordable natural shower gels, soaps, and hair care products at unbeatable prices. If you want to elevate your hair and beauty routine, you've come to the right company!